American Master Weaver Tina Puckett of Winsted, CT, pictured with some of her baskets, woven flower sculptures, and a handwoven tiki bar

AMERICAN MASTER WEAVER TINA PUCKETT is a self-taught artist who has been weaving since 1981.

Tina is much influenced by the bittersweet vine that grows locally in the northwest corner of Connecticut where she lives. The character of each piece of vine literally dictates what form each basket, bowl, wall sculpture or piece of furniture will take. As Tina then applies her imagination and sense of color to the structural form and to the weaving, indescribably dynamic and colorful works of art emerge.

Tina's study of set design in college developed her understanding of both color and construction. She has created her own weaving technique, which she calls "Dimensional Weaving," in which she lays down layer upon layer of reeds of different colors to produce multi-hued, richly-textured, highly dimensional woven sculpture. This technique is clearly seen in the different shades of color that define the petals in Tina's giant flower sculptures and the mountains in her woven landscape sculptures.  With her knowledge of construction, Tina is able to build very sturdy pieces of furniture on legs of twisted bittersweet vine. Adding a beveled glass surface to a table top allows visual appreciation of the colorful dimensional weaving throughout a table's bittersweet frame.

Tina's works have been exhibited in museums, art galleries, libraries and at craft show events both nationally and internationally. Her work has also been featured in magazines, newspapers, books and on television.

Tina's new working studio and showroom at Whiting Mills, Studio # 331, in Winsted, CT is open to the public on Sundays from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm and by chance or by appointment (860.309.6934) Monday through Saturday.

Tina's next upcoming show is the Red River Revel Arts Festival at the Shreveport, Louisiana Riverfront October 3 - 10, 2015.

Tina's blog on Etsy.